Dienstag, 4. August 2009

When your pets go "lol"?

Weird? Came home today and wondered where my python Hyzenthlay had gone... ripped her habitat apart to find her...maybe she snuggles under that hollow bark? or under her heat stone?in the cave?
snake´s gone MIA and the panic (mine) broke loose. The habitat was closed! How did she break out???????
Looked at my mildly confused dog while running around, kneeling on the ground and trying to find out where the goddamn lovely thing had gone...well due to the fact that my dog can´t speak I couldn´t ask her if she´d seen her sneaking around the corners...


Well 15 minutes later I found her sleeping in one of my shoes...again... WEIRD???
Now she´s climbing ´round my arms, on my keyboard and now on my headphones WHILE I wear them o.O...before that she did some "exercises" on my Shiva statue.


  1. wow ein wunderschönes tier - ich hab etwas angst vor schlangen muss ich gestehen, aber die fotos sehen echt toll aus.

  2. Sehr dekorativ, dein Tierchen. :D Auch wenn es mich gruseln würde, wenn sie auf einmal unauffindbar ist. ^^