Freitag, 31. Juli 2009

EOTD 31.07.2009

So here it is, my try for a silver shimmery smokey eye.
used products:
painterly paintpot
galaxy long wear cream eyeshadow by bobbi brown
vanilla pigment
a light pressed mixture of dark soul and vanilla pigment
a dark pressed mixture of dark soul and vanilla pigment
carbon eyeshadow
black black chromaline

the  darker mix seems quite ashy and dusty in normal light but when sunlight hits^^ I pressed those two mixtures a while ago and they´re absolutely amazing....took pics of it, too.

Donnerstag, 30. Juli 2009

This Weeks EOTD´s II

I didn´t take much pics this week but to keep in touch with you I picked up 2 looks from earlier this week.

above: Lickable lipstick

Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

Another haul^^

I have been shopping with my Mom and Dad today in Berlin´s big shopping mall called Alexa trying to find some neat pretty clothes for my sisters wedding in october...Well I´m still all wrecked, I really don´t like shopping (unless it´s make up^^) and at the shopping mall it was just too much of everything: Noise, people,noisy people ^^,stores,too loud music, too much hectic and oh did I mention the mass of people???? *grml* Just hate places like that, being caged in a 3 floor building with a uncountable amount of people rushing in your way....
Nonetheless I was compensating the stress with some nice Bobbi Brown stuff and a new brush.

above: Black Mauve Shimmer ink long-wear gel eyeliner

above: Galaxy long-wear cream eyeshadow

above : Cobalt ink long-wear gel eyeliner

Altogether with the Davinci brush (by Douglas). A small firm synthetic brush, great for concealer or blending foundation around the nose or the under eye area.

P.S.: Oh and I did NOT find any fitting clothes! That is why I don´t like shopping...

Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

MAC Haul with G1N4

Yay! Went MAC shopping with my best friend Gina today, really needed some of these goodies to light up my face ^^

I got
Daft Pink mineralized blush
210 brush
Buckwheat eyeshadow (Honey-just-forgot-the-name- LE)
Copperplate eyeshadow
Handwritten eyeshadow
Black Black chromaline
Fresco Rose paintpot
Indianwood paintpot
Reflects Pearl gltiter
Purple glitter

I´m happy now :)

Montag, 20. Juli 2009

EOTD 20.07.2009

Hi out there.
Dunno what´s happening with me right now. Nothing´s really going right, nothing good coming my way and everything I touch is doomed to be wrecked. *sighs*
Don´t even want to play around with my MACcies :(
I probably won´t post much this week.
Bad phase maybe?Hope it´ll pass...Wish me luck! `cause no one else does.

Today I used
Painterly paintpot
Sharkskin shadestick
Vanilla pigment
Creme de violet eyeshadow
Idol eyes eyeshadow
Feline kohl power eyepencil

Mittwoch, 15. Juli 2009

EOTD 15.07.2009

Today I used
Painterly paintpot
Rubenesque paintpot
Blonde´s Gold pigment
Tea Time pigment
BArry M Dazzle Dust 27 Gold
Her Glitz glitter eyeliner
Antique Gold glitter
Orpheus eyeliner

Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009

EOTD 14.07.2009

Since I absolutely love MACs Mauvement pigment I had to do a look with it.
I used
Painterly paintpot
Frostlite Fluidline
Mauvement pigment
Lotusland eyeshadow
Helium pigment
MSF Moon river (yes, I used it on my eyes^^)
Urban Decay zero eyeliner
Wolf pearlglide liner