Donnerstag, 24. September 2009

EOTD 23.09.2009 and 24.09.2009

So I am soooo lazy I´m posting two EOTDs at once...*bohoo*

Below is todays look using
Painterly paintpot
Gesso eyeshadow
Retrospeck eyeshadow
Shroon eyeshadow
Cinderella MES

This is yesterdays look using
Painterly Paintpot
Sweet Sage fluidline
Gilt by association MES
Vanilla pigment
Carbon eyeshdow
Minted eye kohl

Have a good night!

Dienstag, 22. September 2009

EOTD 22.09.2009

so this is my try with the new Style Black e/s Yong Punk!
Painterly paintpot
Silverstroke Fluidline
Mauvement pigment
Look at the eyes e/s (In The Gallery quad)
Vanilla pigment
Frost pigment
Young Punk MES
Black Black Chromaline
Rave pearlglide liner

Fleur Power blush
Hand-finish MSF

MAC Style Black LE live preview @ MAC pro store Berlin

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to have a look at new MAC Style Black LE! Got an invitation for the preview party! Yay! First time ever. 
Really cute event, brought one of my colleagues because Gina couldn ´t make it.

Most of the MACcines wore the black lipstick and the new Mineralize Eyeshadows. They had a little catering with snacks and drinks and a DJ (oh god^^ even THOSE boys wore smokey eyes^^ so fricking sweet. Never thought a guy with make up on could look so hot *drools*). 
The really dumb part was that they only had ONE displayer for all the guests... couldn ´t really see much of the stuff^^.

I wanted all four eyeshadows but the blue one was already out :( So I got the In The Gallery quad from the other MAC LE instead. Will definitely  buy the blue one when they´re officially available ^^

It´s been a really nice event with all the nice artists there- doing the make up on everyone who wanted- and boy that rocked! The eyeshadows are AMAZING!!!!

:) Illyriah

Freitag, 18. September 2009


So one more post today :)
Teamed up with G1N4 ( today to buy some make up.
We´ve been to the KaDeWe in Berlin where aaaaall Make up dreams come true^^
Been running around to have a look at all the counters there but nothing really stood out..EXCEPT MAC, benefit and NARS.
I wanted to have a look at the NARS stuff but I have to stay I really wasn´t that impressed. Heard so much about the "Orgasm" blush but that thing really didn´t pull my trigger.
Got the the MAC counter where Gina had picked up two Paintpots for her birthday in october. She picked Artifact and Fresco Rose. I got a new 15 p e/s palette (not on the pics), Duo adhesive for false laches, 189 brush (GOSH! I never knew MAC has a brush like that! Been over the moon!). I also got the Minted eye kohl.

After that Gina and I walked over to the Benefit counter where the counter girl did her make up- really sweet. I got a new eye liner brush and the Powderflage concealer (such a great thing!).

Out of the KaDeWe wasn´t the end of the trip :)
After this we stopped by the drugstore DM and I bought a little palette from Maybelline, some extravagant eyelashes and a midtone pink lipliner and a white/colorless lipliner.

Had so much fun today!  Hope I´ll be able to play around more with my Make up.

Back again :)

Hi all!
I am really trying to come on and post but it´s quite an issue due to a lack of time :(
But hey, gotta keep the spirits up right?
Took some pics during last week but I can´t really remember what exactly was used on every EOTD.
Hope you like ´em still!

Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Little update

Hey guys!
This is just a quick update on a personal level^^
I´m sorry I haven´t been online and posting for quite some time now but work´s just eating me up lately. 

Don´t even feel like I have the time and energy to do different make ups styles everyday. What I come up with lately is absolutely random :) 

I hope that this changes soon! Miss playing around with my little MAC babies but I´m just too tired and too fricking unnerved because of my  work :(

See ya!
Thanks for stoppin´ by!