Samstag, 29. August 2009

New "room mate"

I was on the road getting some things for my ball python today.
I have to admit that I always said that I was NEVER going to buy a reptile from a pet shop or a DIY superstore (if you live in germany you´ll know Futterhaus and Obi). Animals there just seem to be uncared for to me. But today I really couldn ´t help it.

In one of the habitats I found a 2009 hatchling classic cornsnake.
I think it´s a male.

Montag, 24. August 2009

EOTD 24.08.2009

Only three pics today for this really simple look.
Painterly paintpot
Sharkskin shadestick
Vanilla pigment
Style Snob eyeshadow
Silver Ring eyeshadow
Carbon eyeshadow
Black Russian Pearlglide liner

Freitag, 21. August 2009

EOTD 21.08.2009

Hey hey!
Today I used
Painterly paintpot
Beige-ing shadestick
Crimsonaire shadestick
Polished Ivory pigment
Maroon pigment
Pink Opal pigment
Post Haste eyeshadow
Pink Venus eyeshadow
Frostlite fluidline
Black Russian Pearlglide liner
Mixing Medium eyeliner

used the daily face routine and
Sculpt and Shape powder in bone beige
Springsheen blush
Drizzlegold loose beauty powder

Pink grapefruit lipgloss (not on the pics)
 Have a nice weekend!!!

Donnerstag, 20. August 2009

EOTD 20.08.2009

Hope you´re all fine out there. Berlin just has the hottest day of the year.
Not liking it :(

Anyway! I got to try out my new Starflash eyeshadow from the LOVE THE LOOK collection for the very first time.

Used the following products with it:
Painterly paintpot
Galaxy Bobbi Brown long wear cream eyeshadow
Fashion eyeshadow
Moon´s Reflection eyeshadow
Contrast eyeshadow
Aquadiasic eyeshadow
Vanilla pigment
Cobalt Blue long wear gel eyeliner: later I covered that with Mystery Kohl power eye pencil
Wolf Pearlglide liner
Fascinating eye pencil

Studio Moisture Fix
Strobe liquid
Prep and Prime
Studio FIx Foundation
Tenderling blush
Fleur Power blush
Hand-finish Mineralize blush
Light Mineralize skinfinish

Mittwoch, 19. August 2009

EOTD 19.08.2009

This today´s look.

The first two pics were taken with a different camera than usually. Haven´t found the best setting for it yet.
One cool thing is the "beauty shot" scene setting. You´re face really looks photoshop-ed :)

I used
Painterly paintpot
 Galaxy Bobbi Brown long wear cream eyeshadow
Mauvement pigment
Carbon eyeshadow
Grape pigment
Violet pigment
Purple glitter
Mixing Medium eyeliner
Classic Cream liquidlast liner

On my face I used
Studio Moisture Fix mixed with
Strobe liquid
Prep and Prime face
Studio Fix Foundation
Select Cover up concealer
Prep and Prime line filler
Sculpt and Shape powder in bone beige
Dandelion benefit blush
Micro Pink loose beauty powder

Hope you enjoyed this one :)

Pics I found on my camera

Look what I found^^ These pics are from the last weekend. Thought that I had deleted them but here they are.
Actually just a make up I did in 4 minutes :)
Using only:
Studio Fix Foundation
Hand Finish Mineralize Blush
Painterly paintpot
Style Snob e/s
Carbon e/s
Quarry e/s
Electric Eel e/s
Vanilla pigment
Feline eye liner
Fascinating eye pencil

It was actually bluer than the pics show ´cause I took the pics in front of a pink curtain.

Sonntag, 16. August 2009

Make up for my sister

Today I did the make up for my sister. This is what I am actually going to do for her wedding.
We sadly made the mistake of taking the pics outside in the direct (boiling hot) sunlight, that´s why they look kinda pooey. Still, I was really pleased with the outcome.
I used
Studio Moisture Fix lotion
Prep and Prime skin
Select Cover Up NW20 foundation
Select Cover Up NW20 concealer
Mineralize Skinfinish light
Sculpt and Shape powder bone beige
Springsheen blush
Azalea blush
Soft and Gentle MSF

Painterly paintpot
Woodwinked eyeshadow
Carbon eyeshadow
Handwritten eyeshadow
Vanilla pigment
Black Black chromaline
Maybelline Colossal mascara
Molasses Pearlglide Liner

Artdeco lip base
Power Supply plushglass

My sis always blinked when I said she shouldn´t so I couldn´t get a more precise line :o)

EOTD 15.08.2009

This is the look I did for my mothers birthday. We drove to Leipzig early in the morning to celebrate together with my sister and her fiancé.
I used
Painterly pantpot
Frostlite fluidline
Smoke and Diamond e/s
Handwritten e/s
Carbon e/s
Electric Eel e/s
Vanilla p/m
Classic Cream liquidlast liner
Point Black liquidlast liner
Black Black chromaline

Freitag, 14. August 2009

Funny: Achmed the dead terrorist

Oh gosh xD I´m just laughing my fricking ass off by watching Jeff Dunham´s awesome
performance with his puppet Achmed. Check this out! It´s so terrible funny ^^

MeMe Blog Award

I have been tagged by the lovely  CATANYA
for the Me Me Blog award (first rule is to acknowledge the person who send you the award).
So Thanks Sweetie!

2nd.: Nominate 7 other blogs:

3nd.: Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better:
- Antisocial: I don´t really like going out meeting people, partying or go shopping.
I appreciate silence sometimes. To many people around me just frustrate me and freak me out.
Because of that, I really don´t have a lot of friends. But those I got mean everything to me :)
- Musically: I loooove music. Never go out without my ipod. Music means a lot to me, it always accompanies you no matter
what mood you´re in. But: I don´t listen to the radio...
-Heat-hater: I can´t take it when it´s warm. I get so lazy that I don´t even want to THINK of doing something.
-Doggy: I love my dog like it´s my own child. She always keeps on putting a smile upon my face. She is the cutest,
honest and most candid being on earth I know.
-daydreamer: I often get lost in little dreams during the day. Wishing on things that will never happen because I
only dream of them but never DO anything to really achieve´em.
-Thoughts thoughts thoughts: I always think too much about everything. I pick up lines and divide them into little pieces to find 
the meaning. Can´t help it.
- introvert: I keep the most things to myself. Never reach out too far. Never risk to stumble. Never reveal too much afraid to be hurt.

Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Look from last week and little update

Hey folks ^^
That´s something I did last week. 
Painterly paintpot
Melon pigment
Golden Olive pigment
Emerald Green pigment
Vanilla pigment
Dunno what eyeshadow I had used in the crease, sry!

There´s not much going on with make up this week. I had to stay home sick so I don´t bother putting on make up, would just be a waste of products :o)
I´m going to visit my sister in Leipzig this weekend (my parents come, too).
Had to pack my make up case. Oh boy! took 2 hours to pick up everything I need, cause I 
can´t take EVERYTHING I have with me. Gonna do some makeup looks on her for the wedding in october. Hope she´ll like it.

Donnerstag, 6. August 2009

SIGMA brushes!

Last weekend I ordered my first Sigma brushes. Read some reviews about them and wanted to give them a go.

I ordered the "Naughty in black" travel kit and an additional eyeshadow brush. And I got a gift! They sent me a little skunk brush from the "nice in pink" set aswell. So nice!

Sigma brushes don´t actually only look like MAC brushes, they do have the same numbers ^^. I was really impressed with the quality and the fact that they don´t cost as much as a MAC brushes. All brushes are really soft and easy to handle and the given brushroll is really cute!
You should check them out if you haven´t