Freitag, 14. August 2009

MeMe Blog Award

I have been tagged by the lovely  CATANYA
for the Me Me Blog award (first rule is to acknowledge the person who send you the award).
So Thanks Sweetie!

2nd.: Nominate 7 other blogs:

3nd.: Share your 7 personality traits so we can get to know you better:
- Antisocial: I don´t really like going out meeting people, partying or go shopping.
I appreciate silence sometimes. To many people around me just frustrate me and freak me out.
Because of that, I really don´t have a lot of friends. But those I got mean everything to me :)
- Musically: I loooove music. Never go out without my ipod. Music means a lot to me, it always accompanies you no matter
what mood you´re in. But: I don´t listen to the radio...
-Heat-hater: I can´t take it when it´s warm. I get so lazy that I don´t even want to THINK of doing something.
-Doggy: I love my dog like it´s my own child. She always keeps on putting a smile upon my face. She is the cutest,
honest and most candid being on earth I know.
-daydreamer: I often get lost in little dreams during the day. Wishing on things that will never happen because I
only dream of them but never DO anything to really achieve´em.
-Thoughts thoughts thoughts: I always think too much about everything. I pick up lines and divide them into little pieces to find 
the meaning. Can´t help it.
- introvert: I keep the most things to myself. Never reach out too far. Never risk to stumble. Never reveal too much afraid to be hurt.

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