Donnerstag, 13. August 2009

Look from last week and little update

Hey folks ^^
That´s something I did last week. 
Painterly paintpot
Melon pigment
Golden Olive pigment
Emerald Green pigment
Vanilla pigment
Dunno what eyeshadow I had used in the crease, sry!

There´s not much going on with make up this week. I had to stay home sick so I don´t bother putting on make up, would just be a waste of products :o)
I´m going to visit my sister in Leipzig this weekend (my parents come, too).
Had to pack my make up case. Oh boy! took 2 hours to pick up everything I need, cause I 
can´t take EVERYTHING I have with me. Gonna do some makeup looks on her for the wedding in october. Hope she´ll like it.


  1. Der grüne Liner ist ja toll. Alles in allem wieder sehr hübsch geworden. :)

  2. schönes grün, sehr süss :)
    *knuddel dich*

  3. I want to give you a blog award, honey! Check my blog! XX