Mittwoch, 18. November 2009

new looks

Hey^^ Here are some looks from the last few days...right  now I´m just tooo tired to write down what I´ve used...if you wanna know anything just ask :o)

Freitag, 13. November 2009

EOTDS November 12/13 2009

These are the looks from yesterday and today. I really think I should write down what I use *sighs*, can´t remember everything that has been used on the purple look :-/

on the  blue one I used:
painterly paintpot
greenstroke paintpot
steam eyeshadow
contrast eyeshadow
carbon eyeshadow
vanilla eyeshadow
vanilla pigment
pink opal pigment
amber lights eyeshadow
feline liner

on this one I used

painterly paintpot
sharkskin shadestick
pink opl pigment
vanilla pigment
grape pigment
quietly pigment
iris accents softsparkle pencil
crystalled purple glitter

EOTD November 11.2009

This is the look from wednesday, where I used the following:

Painterly paintpot
Penny shadestick
Subtle pigment
Vanilla eyeshadow
filament eyeshadow
Espresso eyeshadow
Bourbon 24/7 liner by UD

Dienstag, 10. November 2009

EOTD November 11.2009

Today is an usual look for me because I rarely use greens (though I loooove Golden Olive pigment by MAC)...

I used:
painterly paintpot
beige ing shadestick
Provence pigment
Emerald Barry M DD
Amber lights eyeshadow
Vanilla pigment
Mixing Medium eyeliner

Montag, 9. November 2009

I´m back...with a look...yeah :-)

Good things happen when you wait they say...well at least it works with make up.. I had to stay home sick for the last two weeks and today was my first day back on work...feel like all my recovery has blown up just one ONE day...ouch :-(
But hey... I picked up my make up again..good start right?

Sorry for the odd quality of these pics by the way, the cam doesn ´t like artificial light...hope you enjoy is still.
What I used:

Painterly paintpot
Galaxy long lasting cream eyeshadow (BB)
Smoke and Diamonds e/s
Young Punk MES
Satin Taupe e/s
Gesso e/s
Vanilla pigment
Barry M Dazzle Dust gold irid.
Dior backstage mascara

Good evening peeps!