Montag, 3. August 2009

EOTD 03.08.2009

I´m really not so satisfied with today´s look. Neither with the pics nor with the look itself.

I used
Painterly paintpot
Gleam eyeshadow
Buckwheat eyeshad0w
Shroom eyeshadow
Nylon eyeshadow
Molasses pearlglide liner


  1. It looks really pretty. Love the colours on you!

  2. what's wrong with it? too natural looking?

  3. Hey Chrissy and Schminkmädchen...I loooooved Buckwheat on this one (such a pretty color!) but the rest just didn´t seem to fit and my blending was kinda miserable that day :) Could´ve also been due to my mad mood on monday morning :P
    Thanks for commenting anyhow! :o)