Dienstag, 22. September 2009

MAC Style Black LE live preview @ MAC pro store Berlin

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to have a look at new MAC Style Black LE! Got an invitation for the preview party! Yay! First time ever. 
Really cute event, brought one of my colleagues because Gina couldn ´t make it.

Most of the MACcines wore the black lipstick and the new Mineralize Eyeshadows. They had a little catering with snacks and drinks and a DJ (oh god^^ even THOSE boys wore smokey eyes^^ so fricking sweet. Never thought a guy with make up on could look so hot *drools*). 
The really dumb part was that they only had ONE displayer for all the guests... couldn ´t really see much of the stuff^^.

I wanted all four eyeshadows but the blue one was already out :( So I got the In The Gallery quad from the other MAC LE instead. Will definitely  buy the blue one when they´re officially available ^^

It´s been a really nice event with all the nice artists there- doing the make up on everyone who wanted- and boy that rocked! The eyeshadows are AMAZING!!!!

:) Illyriah

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  1. superschöne sachen hast du dir gegönnt, die mineralize e/s stehen auch ganz oben auf meiner witshlist. leider gibt es bei uns keine party :( aber es dauert ja nicht mehr lange bis zum release date.