Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

New MAC lip stuff

Picked up a little parcel from my post office with some MAC lip stuff today.

Since the Cremeteam LE was available I was sneaking around the Lickable lipstick. I got Marquis ´D, Creme de Nude,Creme Cup,Creme in your coffee and Lavender Whip (if I´ll ever wear this in public?) from that LE and I love them! But Lickable seemed so hot pink that I thought it would suit me. 

*sigh* but I wouldn´t be a REAL MAC addict if I wouldn´t fall for this right?
So here it is: Lickable......

oh and I got Dervish lip pencil with the order as well. I only have a Cremestick Pearl liner called Gingerroot and I barely touch it...

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  1. Na dann mal herzlichen Glückwunsch :D

    eckige Klammer auf:
    Sie hat mich seit Tagen genervt, dass endlich das Päckchen kommen soll^^
    eckige Klammer zu.