Samstag, 25. Juli 2009

Another haul^^

I have been shopping with my Mom and Dad today in Berlin´s big shopping mall called Alexa trying to find some neat pretty clothes for my sisters wedding in october...Well I´m still all wrecked, I really don´t like shopping (unless it´s make up^^) and at the shopping mall it was just too much of everything: Noise, people,noisy people ^^,stores,too loud music, too much hectic and oh did I mention the mass of people???? *grml* Just hate places like that, being caged in a 3 floor building with a uncountable amount of people rushing in your way....
Nonetheless I was compensating the stress with some nice Bobbi Brown stuff and a new brush.

above: Black Mauve Shimmer ink long-wear gel eyeliner

above: Galaxy long-wear cream eyeshadow

above : Cobalt ink long-wear gel eyeliner

Altogether with the Davinci brush (by Douglas). A small firm synthetic brush, great for concealer or blending foundation around the nose or the under eye area.

P.S.: Oh and I did NOT find any fitting clothes! That is why I don´t like shopping...


  1. Omg, der Black Mauve Shimmer ink sieht toll aus! Wer braucht schon Klamotten, wenn man sich solche Schätzchen kaufen kann? Die passen immer. :)

    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin nach Berlin!

  2. Diese Farbe is der Hammer :) Hatte sie gestern drauf mit passendem Eyeshadow und die Farben sind quasi verschmolzen...*total-begeistert-ist*...

    Danke fürs Blog-lesen :-)