Freitag, 19. Juni 2009

Spreading my Make Up Addiction - onto my best friend

Since I am madly addicted to Make up- especially MAC- I was kinda lonesome amongst my friends and family. Just until I showed my blog to my best friend, showed her my YouTube channel (I don´t post videos, I just keep the channel for my subscriptions) and my biiiiiiiiiiiig Make Up collection. And JUST the moment she saw, touched, smelled and felt my Benefit Dandelion the addiction broke loose :-)
I even did her Make Up once and posted it here.

She started collecting Make Up on her own and ´cause we´ve got the same employer we e-mail each other what we have on every day.

So I wanted her to do her own blog but she refused...until now^^

So here it is folks, maybe you wanna have a look at it ´cause I think it turned out quite good.

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