Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

MAC and NYX haul

I got a package today with my very first stuff from NYX cosmetics.
I got a Silver pigment and 3 Jumbo Pencils
Pacific (blue), Cottage Cheese (white) and Slate (steelgrey).
The pencils are really smooth and easy to apply. Can´t say much about how they last, haven´t 
tried them jet.


So the master overkill was the MAC shopping I did with a friend today.
 I bought:
Prep and Prime face (backup)
Carbon eyeshadow (refill)
Post haste  eyeshadow (they didn´t have refills left but I wanted that color so much^^)
4 travel jars
Glitter reflects turquatic and crystalled purple ( I am going to share the Glitters with my friend, so eveyone gets half-half of each one, that´s what the jars are for)
And I bought overlaquer and underlaquer.

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